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With the current low interest rates for deposits in the bank, investors are continually looking for better alternatives.

Several Fund Managers offer products that target these investors. However, not all income producing investments are created equally. Moreover, all carry some degree of risk, as unfortunately many people found out in the early 2000s which ended with the Finance Company Collapses.

If you live on a fixed income, the need to look outside of term investments and bank savings accounts is increasing. Inflation is running at almost 4%, and with bank deposit rates being 2.5% at best, after tax, the purchasing power of your money is going backwards at over 2% each year. This is before you take money out to cover your living expenses.

We have a range of investments for people in this situation, but it is important to stress they are not without risk. We will work with you to understand your attitude to risk and make sure that you understand the risks and benefits of any alternative we may consider.

When it is appropriate for you, we will tell you if leaving your funds in bank deposits is the best answer.

If your attitude to risk and timeframes are suitable, we will recommend an appropriate investment. We will set up a regular payment for you to cover your income needs and meet with you regularly to review this.

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