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Most Kiwi’s either own or aspire to own an Investment Property at some point in their lives. With the changes announced to Investment property, the decision to invest needs to be carefully weighed against other options. The types of investment property there are, for example, a New Build, a do up, and long term rental or commercial property.
Through our planning software and in conjunction with our sister firm, we can look at the different outcomes and advise you on the suitable structures and likely after tax outcomes. The latest round of changes made by the Government have made this an area where making the right decisions is becoming more and more critical.

As Financial Advisers and as a Chartered Accountant, using our software tool, we can help you model the outcomes you could achieve, help you understand the likely cashflows, and understand the potential tax outcomes. Having this information at hand will assist you with making better decisions in the long term.

  • We will sit down with you to understand
  • Your current situation
  • What are your goals and objectives
  • What are your assets and liabilities
  • We will also look at your strategies for managing risk and make recommendations as necessary or refer you to a specialist.

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